Comeback Cats

January 8, 2009

I definitely did not think my first post would be about hockey—especially UVM hockey.  But here I am after a weekend where I covered the Cats two games against Boston College and all I can talk about is the Catamounts.

I have been to many games over my four years here and seen some great teams and great games, but this weekend may top them all.

First, we have to start with Friday’s buzzer beater.  I have never seen something like this in hockey.  UVM, down by one with four seconds left, is on the power play and pulls their goalie so it is six on four.  The faceoff is in the left circle where team captain Dean Strong wins it cleanly back to Pete Lenes who swings it to the right circle where Brian Roloff blasts a shot past BC goalie John Muse.  One second remains on the clock.


The Gut goes crazy as the players mob Roloff.  I did not things could get any better, but then tonight, they did.

UVM went down early as BC scored on their first shot of the game and quickly added a second.  I thought UVM would carry all the momentum from last night into the game but it was not to be.  The only thing that kept the game from getting completely out of hand was freshman Rob Madore.  He was sick in goal all night long.

I thought that there would be a significant drop off in goal after Fallon graduated last year but apparently I was wrong.  After watching what Madore did to this great offensive team from BC the last two nights, I am convinced he is the real deal.

Coach Sneddon must have had some serious words in the locker room after the first period and whatever he did worked wonders.  The Cats came out in the second rearing to go and by the end of the period we were all even at two.

The third period belonged to the Cats who finished the Eagles off with two more goals for a final of 4-2.

I am still not entirely sold on this team as national championship contenders but I do think they have a chance to make the NCAA tournament for the first time in over 10 years.

I do have worries about such a young team keeping it together down the stretch, but after looking two seemingly insurmountable deficits in the face against the defending National Champions and coming out on top, I think anything is possible.

Look for more on Tuesday in the Vermont Cynic.